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In the ever-growing environment of telecommunication and cloud computing, security always remains a top priority for data centers and colocation facilities. Even with onsite security guards, multiple layers of man traps and biometric scanners, communications facilities still need to protect their servers, particularly when in shared spaces.

Whether it is a wire mesh locker for a single cabinet, small server cage in an office environment, or a set of colocation cages to complete a complex suite, BeastWire Mesh Guarding systems are the ideal storage solution trusted by the most significant data center providers in the world. The universal design makes installation easier than ever, plus, standard sized parts, including several doors and lock options, are kept in stock for quick shipment.

Since tenant requirements can change last minute, BeastWire systems are designed to be easily reconfigured or modified in the field. Welded wire mesh (standard on all systems) provides an appealing look both inside the cage and out while providing maximum security over woven wire mesh that loses its integrity with a single cut in the wire.


Need to take your security cage to the sub-floor? BeastWire Mesh partitions can be configured to stand-alone or attach to the subfloor structure depending on your security requirements and budget. Similarly, our cage mesh materials can extend above drop ceiling grids.

Specific Project?

How about a specific project? With BeastWire Mesh Guarding, we can design a system custom-tailored to meet your requirements. We proudly offer custom heights, under/oversized doors, keyless lock options, and automatic door closers for both hinged and slide gates.

All BeastWire lockers and cages can be designed to fit your unique needs and applications. Let our customer service department help create your next security caging opportunity.


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