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BeastWire Mesh Guarding offers infinite solutions for all your securing, guarding, and protecting needs. With our universal posts, panels, and simplified hardware, BeastWire products are easy to install without compromising the security or the integrity of our products. 

BeastWire is a simple, modular system where only one type of panel is needed whether you’re building wire mesh cages, lockers, rack guarding, or mesh infill systems. We also give you secure and straightforward hardware to do the job right the first time. 

With BeastWire Mesh Guarding solutions, you no longer need to relinquish security for quicker installation. We believe you deserve both. 

So, once again, why the Beast?  

As the name implies, our fully welded construction is unrivaled in strength. And, we offer universal components that are readily available for shipment and that make installation effortless.

BeastWire Mesh Guarding is committed to delivering you the best wire mesh solutions so that you can finish your security and safety project with peace of mind.

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BeastBuilder 3D Configurator

With our custom 3D Configurator, the power to visualize your secure storage or safeguarding solution is at your fingertips. Create a quote with a complete set of technical drawings in minutes. 

Need to make a change? No problem! Revise your drawing and price in no time at all!

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Why the Beast?