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Episode 6: Ergonomic Flooring Solutions within the Warehouse

This week I had the pleasure of speaking with Greg Doppler, President of Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC, out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Greg joined me to discuss flooring solutions for mezzanine surfaces and offered his advice for things to consider when choosing a flooring surface for your next elevated platform. He shares the shocking differences between walking on concrete, bar grate, and their very own, ResinDek®. Tune in to Episode 6 to learn more about the ergonomic, economic, and environmental impact your flooring choice can have on your business.

Listen to Episode 6 below:

  • Comparisons of tibial shock when walking on different mezzanine surfaces
  • Choosing the best flooring for your application
  • Help in achieving LEED certification through flooring choice
  • Benefits of ResinDek® as the industry moves towards robotics
  • Innovations you can expect to see from Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products

Greg Doppler

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