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3 Ways to Build Safety into Your Warehouse

Picture this…

You walk into your warehouse, and it’s filled with pallet racks that go from floor to ceiling – from the front wall to the back wall. There are aisleways where forklift traffic is zipping back and forth. There are work cell areas built into the layout where employees are busy sorting and labeling. You also notice some high-value inventory that could afford to be protected, but you’ll worry about that tomorrow.

As usual, you head towards the back of the facility to find the person you’re looking for, but you get stopped along the way. Your shipping manager needs to tell you about some inventory that went missing and is nowhere to be found. You settle that predicament and keep walking. As you near the back of the facility, you watch one of your forklift drivers overestimate the rack landing and a pallet of boxes tumbles off the rack, barely missing another employee that was standing below.

Sound familiar?

Check out the top 3 easiest ways BeastWire Mesh can build safety into your warehouse:


1. BeastWire Mesh Rack Safety Panels

Wire mesh rack safety panels are a must-have in any warehouse or distribution facility. Our panels are constructed of 6- or 10-gauge wire welded in a 2” square mesh pattern and welded securely into a 1-1/4” x 1/8” thick full angle frame. The wire mesh allows for high visibility for inventory and is NFPA compliant, it won’t obstruct your sprinkler system. With the installation of BeastWire Mesh Rack Safety Panels, you can avoid pallets getting overestimated on the rack landings and often, damages to waterlines or other pipes that are mounted between pallet racks and exterior walls. When it comes to protecting your facility, you can relax because BeastWire meets the ANSI MH31.1-2019 standard which evaluates the strength and durability of steel mesh containment panels.

2. BeastWire Patented Grrripper Bracket

BeastWire Mesh Rack Safety panels attach to your existing uprights with either our patented Grrripper Bracket or the innovative L-shaped and Sleeve brackets. Our 3-, 6- and 12-inch brackets allow for offset adjustability, making product storage changes simple because you won’t need to buy new brackets. The Patented BeastWire Grrripper Bracket is the world’s first and only drop-in bracket. The pin drops into a tear-drop upright and won’t disengage from the rack upon impact when it’s installed correctly. The Grrripper Bracket saves time and money on the initial install.

3. BeastWire Mesh Doors

Still looking for an additional level of security for your warehouse? BeastWire Mesh pallet rack doors are great for the secured protection of high theft or combustible products on selective pallet rack. Our doors mount directly to the front of your uprights, as a cost-effective means to avoid purchasing independent doorposts. Most typically installed as bi-parting doors to cover beam lengths of 6’ to 12’ but can also be installed as single doors for smaller 4’ bays. All doors come equipped with a padlock hasp and can be installed in minutes.

If you’re tired of walking into your warehouse and getting pulled in twenty different directions because of safety concerns, let us help! Build safety into your warehouse design so that you can protect your employees, products and facility before an unfortunate accident happens.

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Grrripper Bracket
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