Wire Mesh Cage Partitions

Wire Mesh Cage Features

What are wire mesh cages?

Wire mesh security cages create a physical barrier guard to separate people from security or safety risks. Wire mesh cage partitions are constructed of steel mesh to allow for unobstructed views and circulation of light, air, and fire suppression systems while still maintaining its structural purpose.

BeastWire Wire Mesh Partitions are flexibly designed so that standard components can be used in much more:

  • Barrier guards compliant for safeguarding from robotics, machinery, conveyors, and vertical lift enclosures.
  • Security cages to lock up valuable tools, inventory, files, supplies, merchandise and utilities/meters in industrial, office, and retail applications.
  • DEA drug cages compliant to secure controlled pharmaceuticals and substances III, IV & V; and, for the secure processing of medical and legalized marijuana.
  • Server cages for networking equipment, servers, and nodes in data centers, colocation facilities, military bases, and office spaces.
  • Secured enclosures and physical barriers for bonded warehouses and military installations which have been built to heights exceeding 40 feet.
  • Weapon vaults to secure firearms and ammunition at home, in stores, police departments and military bases.
  • Secure evidence cages, and property rooms constructed with access-controlled locks.
  • Temporary holding cells for correctional and data centers as well as military and government units.
  • Apartment storage cages for individual tenant storage as well as bike rooms and shelters.
  • Air conditioning cages to secure commercial HVAC units.
  • Plus…many more applications just waiting to be created.

BeastWire Mesh Cages are not created like other systems on the market.

Unrivaled Strength

BeastWire Metal Cages come fully welded and are constructed in our standard 10-gauge or 6-gauge wire. We don’t bypass the fine line between gauges in our our metal cage panels, which then maximizes the strength and stability of our product.

Universal and Flexibly Designed Components

BeastWire Mesh Cage Partitions stack panels and posts to achieve desired heights, use our growth plate to maximize the use of standard wire mesh partition panel and post sizes and easily integrate various door locks, controlled access, and closing devices.

Ease of Installation = Quicker Installation Without Foregoing Security

Avoid confusion as our universal posts are interchangeable, our slide and hinged gates are reversible and can be switched from a lock to padlock setup without replacing the doors, and our welded wire construction allows for clean field cuts without damaging the integrity of the system—all while keeping all hardware on the secure side of the wire mesh partition.

Technical Library

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WMP Product Brochure

Safety & Security: Evolved. BeastWire Systems provide superior protection for your most important assets and your bottom line. BeastWire Partitions averts theft of equipment, inventory, and sensitive information, along with protecting personnel from costly injuries.

WMP Product Specifications
WMP Architectural Specifications

SpaceGuard Products is a leading manufacturer of wire partitions and area guarding products including wire mesh storage lockers, pallet rack safety panels, aisle guarding, and mezzanine rail guarding.

Our wire mesh partition panels are available in both standard and custom sizes, in woven and welded mesh, and are perfect for a wide array of uses including residential and office tenant storage, machine and robotic guarding, computer security cages in co-location and networking facilities, tool cribs, and warehouse or retail security.

WMP Installation Guide

Getting started with the Beast. Learn more about the installation of BeastWire Partitions with recommended tools, materials, and helpful hints. 

BeastWire Mesh Partitions are designed to use standard components to make materials more affordable, available, and easier to install. Our partitions use all through, carriage bolt connections with hardware on the secure side of the enclosure.

Wire Mesh Cage Components

Connection Options

1. Growth Plates

Growth plates are perfect for filling gaps between existing walls and BeastWire systems. These 2" wide steel channels bolt directly to panels, posts, and ceiling panels to offset 2" of natural growth created by the square posts.


Optional: Growth plates can also be specified to fill the sweep space below panels and doors for heightened security.


Growth plate to create a security overlap on the backside of the sliding gate allowing for the gate to be constructed from standard materials.



Growth plate to eliminate sweep space for high-security requirements such as Military Vault Cages or DEA Cages.



Growth plate used in line with panels and posts to gain 2" of space and optimize the use of standard sized panels while achieving the desired size of your wire mesh partition. This is useful when making up for an additional post used on a parallel wall (usually in cases of doors) or when the room requires filler to hit the wall, but the post would otherwise hit the base trim.



Growth plate in a ceiling to offset the growth from the line posts.




2. Posts and Extensions

Other products on the market often differentiate the hole pattern depending on where it is to be used.  This often causes the post to be used in the wrong place requiring costly reconfiguration or drilling on site. BeastWire offers a unique, universal post design allowing the same post to be used in line, at corners, 3- or 4-way connections, and with both standard hinge and slide gates.


BeastWire universal posts are constructed using 14-gauge 2” square tube posts. The first hole is drilled 8” from the bottom to leave a 2” maintenance sweep space below the adjacent panels and doors. Holes are then punched every 12” on center, on all four sides. IMPORTANT: bolts are not required in every hole when installing. The additional holes allow straight carriage bolts to be used for > 95% of all connections. This saves install time and ensures the hardware is tamper proof from the secure side of the wire mesh partition.


  • Standard base plates are 2” x 7” x 1/4", but also available in 4” x 4” or 4” x 7”. Base plates are drilled to accept 3/8” floor anchors or lag bolts.

  • Standard heights are 7’-2, 8'-2", 9’-2”, 10'-2", and 12’-2”. Posts can be cut down for intermediate heights while still allowing the standard hole pattern to line up.

  • Make sure to use the plastic post cap and dome plugs on any unused holes for a finished look.



Post extensions mirror the posts except there is no built-in sweep space or base plate. The bottom hole begins at 6” from the end and continues every 12” on center. The post extension connects by using a 1-3/4” insert that connects the post above and below. Additional rigidity is ensured by remembering to bolt the top and bottom panels through the slotted holes in the panel frame. 

Post Installation

Step 1


Step 2



Step 3



Step 4



Step 5



Special posts are also available. Some are modified prior to shipment, such as our post with an integrated electric strike. Our panic bars when paired with an electric strike require 2” x 4” tube posts.


3. Wall Connection Angles

Wall connections are often made using the BeastWire wall connection kit. Each kit includes Qty. (4) 1-1/2” angle brackets and a self-tap screw to attach the angle to the post. Wall mounting hardware is not provided and should be chosen based on the specific application.



Door/Gate Types

1. Hinged Door/Gate Options

BeastWire Mesh single swing doors are recommended for regular personnel access. Single hinge doors are stocked for quick shipment in 3’ and 4’ widths, 7’ high.  The most important advantage of BeastWire Mesh Partition is these single hinge doors are equipped for ultimate flexibility:


  • The same door can be used with a standard lock or a padlock setup. No modifications are required.
  • BeastWire uses a pre-welded hinge assembly that can be bolted to the post prior to hanging the door. This allows the installer to ensure the wire mesh partition system is plumb and level prior to installing the door. The hinge assembly flips to allow for in- or out-swinging doors from the left or right post.
  • Standard locks are provided with a bolt-on full height slam angle for the lock side of the door. The bolt-on capability allows the door to be set up for in- or out- swing without requiring a new door. The slam angle is punched with slotted holes to allow for quick modifications that ensure it is flush along the entire lock post to optimize security.

Panic bars are available for hinge doors (3’ x 7’ or 4’ x 7’) to comply with fire code (factory-installation optional). BeastWire Mesh panic bar doors come with an ADA compliant lever and integrated cylinder lock.


Download:  Installation Guide for Panic Bars

Download: New Panic Bar Door Announcement




Standard hinge doors are available in other heights and widths by our custom fabrication shop. Bi-parting gates are also available when slide gates cannot be used, but an opening greater than 4’ is required. Bi-parting hinge gates are furnished with a standard padlock setup. These gates can be set up for a keyed lock, but please note that the bi-parting halves need to stabilize above and below the lock to ensure the latch stays seated. Because of the open wire mesh, any cane, chain, or flush bolts to connect to a header or the floor requires a padlock to keep it securely in place thus providing redundant and unnecessary locks. See our FAQs for more information on this topic.


BeastWire Hinged Door


2. Slide Door/Gate Options 

BeastWire Mesh offers slide gates when aisleways are limited/obstructed or when openings larger than 4’ are required. Slide gates are sold as kits, complete with box track, 4-wheel trolleys, floor channel guide, all bracketry and hardware required, and the appropriate lock receiver.


Standard slide gates are available in single panel configurations of 3’, 4’ and 5’ widths. Two door panels are used to achieve standard widths of 6’, 8’, and 10’ openings. These gates are further available in heights of 7’, 8’, and 10’.  Other configurations and sizes are available, and our engineering department will gladly advise on additional support and bracing requirements, as required. Bi-parting slide gates are possible but strongly discouraged for their limited usability.


BeastWire Slide Gate Option


Door Closing Options


BeastWire Gate Closing Options Literature


Hydraulic closers are available for hinge doors and easily installed using our pre-drilled mounting bracket. 




Installation Instructions

Hinge Door Hydraulic Closer


Hydraulic slide door closers (patent pending) are now also available. The closer is mounted to the track with an arm that rolls in a guide channel on the back of the door to push it closed. These closers are an excellent and cost-effective alternative to gravity-dependent track setups previously used, particularly when security requirements or codes are involved such as in DEA-compliant Pharmaceutical Cages. 



Installation Instructions

Slide Door Hydraulic Closer



BeastWire Mesh also offers automated slide gate closers that are a major improvement over traditional fence gate operators, our operators are mounted above the door, on the track, and not on the floor like traditional operators which take up valuable space and can possibly be hit by forklift traffic. Our industrial-strength automated slide gate closer uses a powerful motor with only one moving part, that is easily installed and adjusted. Offering quiet operation, these closers require minimal maintenance.


BeastWire Mesh automated closers are available with several options such as delayed closing (to allow materials & personal time to pass through), light barriers, and a pressure sensitive return for safety. They also come standard with one (1) wall mounted station and two (2) handheld remotes that can be attached to a forklift or other equipment.    



Installation Instructions

Automated Slide Door Closer




Door Lock Options

All BeastWire Mesh doors come standard with a mortise-style cylinder lock or padlock setup. The mortise-style lock is interchangeable for in- or out-swinging doors, the self-closing latch can be changed on both slide and hinge gates to lock left or right.


Hinged Door with Standard Mortise Lock


Sliding Door with Mortise Lock


Padlock Hasp on Hinge Door



Electric strikes are available for BeastWire Mesh hinge doors, panic bar hinge doors, and slide doors. Our strikes are much more affordable than other systems in the market and are designed to fit our systems.


Close-up of Electric Strike





BeastWire Mesh continues to offer new integrated lock offerings to meet a variety of security or access options. Some of our more popular options are listed below:

Westinghouse RTS Series Lock- Details

Lockey 2500- Details




Marks USA 170

Product Number: 935 0000-2 6D-4 l

Old Number: 935, NLM-100-BC

Product Description: Spring latch with dead-latching trigger

Door Thickness: 1 3/s" to 1 W' (35 to 38 mm)

Finish: Brushed Chrome

Panels and Mesh Options

BeastWire Mesh panels are constructed of wire mesh or other steel infill material welded securely into a 1-1/4" x 1/8' thick angle frame. Wire Cage Panels come standard in one-foot increments up to 10' wide and 5' high, but due to BeastWire’s universal hole pattern can be stood straight up as well and still bolt to the posts. Panels are primarily used as the walls of enclosures, but also can be used as transoms above doors, independent infill panels, and as ceiling panels to cover the cage.


Standard BeastWire Mesh security cage panels are constructed of 10-gauge wire welded in a 2" square mesh pattern. BeastWire Wire Mesh Partitions are also available in heavy-duty 6-gauge welded wire mesh, 10-gauge woven mesh, expanded metal, and sheet metal infills.


BeastWire Standard Mesh -- Welded Wire (10ga - 2in Square)

BeastWire Standard Mesh Panel -- Welded Wire (10ga - 2in Square)

Welded Wire (6ga - 2in Square)

Welded Wire Cage Panel (6ga - 2in Square)

Woven Wire (10ga - 1.5in Diamond Pattern)

Woven Wire Cage Panel (10ga - 1.5in Diamond Pattern)

Woven Wire (10ga - .75in Square Pattern)

Woven Wire (10ga - .5in Square Pattern)

Woven Wire (10ga - 1in Square Pattern)

Woven Wire (10ga - 1in Square Pattern)

BeastWire Panel with Expanded Metal

BeastWire Cage Panel with Expanded Metal

Sheet Metal (16ga) Infill Panel

Sheet Metal (16ga) Infill Cage Panel