Mezzanine RailGuard

Mezzanine RailGuard Features

When warehouse space is limited, but you need more room for storage, office space or work areas, a mezzanine (also known as an elevated work platform) can be a cost-effective option by using existing overhead space in your facility, so long as it is properly guarded.

According to OSHA and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, accidents involving falls to a lower level cost employers over 5 billion dollars annually in the US alone. 

Traditional handrail systems that meet ANSI MH 28.3 are often adequate to secure the exposed edge of a mezzanine. But, how do you protect people, equipment, and products from items projecting through the opening in the handrail itself? BeastWire RailGuard wire mesh infill panels prevent projectiles and other falling objects from exiting your elevated work platform at the handrail, catwalk, pallet drop area, and stairwell.

BeastWire Advantages

BeastWire RailGuard is a full handrail system including a wire mesh infill and optional kickplate, using all standard BeastWire components. When properly installed, BeastWire Mezzanine RailGuard meets the requirements of ANSI MH 28.3, while providing additional protection over the traditional handrail. And because all parts are fully integrated into a single system, there is no need to request high-cost customized panels to fit your traditional handrail system. It also eliminates the need for welding panels into existing openings since all parts are safely through bolted to the rail, posts, and kickplate. Because of BeastWire’s unique design, installation of the RailGuard system is quick and efficient—saving time and money.

With our standard 10-gauge 2” welded wire mesh (and other wire mesh and expanded metal infill options available), you will have the added peace of mind knowing your employees and facility are safe. Custom infill panels for handrails, stairway railing, or window openings on mezzanines and garages are also easily achieved due to the 1-1/4” x 1-1/4” x 1/8” angle frame around each panel. BeastWire mesh partitions can also be installed above and below mezzanines when full height coverage is required. All while using standard components to fit your needs.

BeastWire Door and Add-on Options

BeastWire RailGuard systems offer single and bi-parting wire mesh hinge gates for access openings or pallet drop areas along the edge of the elevated work platform. It should be noted, however, that a separate fall protection system may be required for personnel as the ledge may be exposed without the presence of a pallet or without the gate closed.

For that reason, BeastWire also offers the option for fully integrated pivot or drop-down gate systems that provide protection whether the load in the pallet drop area is present or not. Please contact us to learn more about our offerings.

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BeastWire Mezzanine RailGuard Brochure

BeastWire RailGuard is a full handrail a system including a wire mesh infill and optional kickplate, using all standard BeastWire components. BeastWire RailGuard wire mesh infill panels prevent projectiles & other falling objects from exiting elevated work platform or catwalk along the handrail, stairwell, and pallet drop area.

Wire Mesh RailGuard Platform Systems - Material Specifications (PDF Download) Word Doc

BeastWire Mezzanine RailGuard CSI3 Architectural Specifications (Word Doc Download)


BeastWire RailGuard Installation Guide

RailGuard Installation Guide


Mezzanine RailGuard Components

Gate Options

Single and bi-parting hinged gates available. Standard with a padlock hasp. Optional spring hinges are also available. Please note that code may require separate fall protection to protect the elevated platform edge when the gate is open. Engineered dual pivoting gate systems are now also available. Please contact your sales representative for more information.




Kick Plate

Optional kickplates consist of (2) 2” x 1-1/4” channels (BeastWire growth plate) punched to bolt through to the bottom of infill panels when a kickplate is not designed as part of the elevated platform. These growth plates can be cut and notched in the field, as required.



Mounting Options

RailGuard uses a 42” high, 2” x 2” 14-gauge square tube post welded to a punched base plate. Standard base plates are 4” x 4” x 1/4" offset to allow guarding system to fit close to the ledge. 2” x 7” x 1/4” base plates are also available. All base plates are punched for 3/8” anchoring hardware. Optional separate base plates are available to mount to grated platforms. Plastic caps are provided for the tops of each post to prevent catch points.


Please note that some corners may only require one carriage bolt connection so long as the other side of the panel is connected to its post with at least two bolts.




Panels & Mesh Options

Panels come standard in one-foot increments up to 10' wide and 5' high, constructed of 10-gauge wire welded in a 2" square mesh pattern, welded securely into a 1-1/4" x 1/8' thick angle frame. Other options are also available, including 1” square and 1-1/2” diamond 10-gauge woven wire mesh infill.



Rail System

RailGuard uses 2” x 2” x 14-gauge square tube post as a top handrail. A handrail is punched with 4 holes to pass connection hardware through to wire mesh panel below. Utilizes carriage bolts and plastic extruded carriage bolt adapters to prevent catch points or dimpling of the railing when tightened.