Wire Mesh Lockers

Wire Mesh Locker Features

Wire mesh storage lockers have an infinite number of applications. TA-50 lockers are used in the largest military bases in the world to provide storage for military readiness gear and uniforms. Apartments and condos nationwide rely on tenant storage lockers to offer space for their residents to secure items from bicycles to seasonal decorations.

Apartment and condo storage lockers can be configured to fit in basements, garages, and common area rooms of a cooperative. Similarly, your local sports teams may utilize BeastWire storage units in their locker rooms for sporting equipment.

Wire mesh storage lockers are a great solution when storage is needed, but not a lot of space is available.

When compared to solid lockers, BeastWire Mesh storage lockers provide optimal circulation for air, light, and heat without obstructing fire suppression systems. All BeastWire panels have welded wire mesh that is welded into an angle frame providing lasting protection. Welded wire design provides ultimate strength and durability.

BeastWire Advantages

BeastWire storage lockers are the preferred choice of architects and builders nationwide because of their simplicity and flexibility. They come in a variety of standard sizes and single, double, and triple tier configurations. A single-tier locker has one full-height door and typically no shelves. Double-tier and triple-tier lockers have two and three doors, respectively. Each tier is divided by a fully framed wire mesh shelf (other options are also available) which installs in minutes.

While many other manufacturers offer one standard height, BeastWire’s design allows for standard and stocked parts for 6’, 7’ and 8’ high units. Because of its modular design, BeastWire Mesh single tier lockers easily be scaled from 3’ to 10’ in width or depth by simply connecting additional panels stocked in 1’ increments.

BeastWire mesh lockers ship knocked down for easier delivery. Our single tier lockers are also the only wire mesh locker on the market to use a single-sized carriage bolt and nut for the entire assembly.

BeastWire Doors and Add-on Options

BeastWire Mesh storage locker doors come fully framed and pre-hung (hinges are welded to the door and its outer frame) making installation a breeze. Standard doors come equipped with bolt-on padlock hasps that allow adjustability to combat unlevel floors. Contact us for other lock options.

Storage lockers can include a host of options such as adjustable shelves, base shelves, leveling legs, back panels, ceilings/tops, coat rods and hooks, and even sliding doors when aisle space is a premium.

BeastWire lockers can also be configured for portability. Our portable lockers are available with casters or fork pockets and with a variety of sizes and configurations. BeastWire Mesh portable storage carts have been used in pharmaceutical warehouses, retail stores, military installations, and hangers, and at construction sites, to name a few applications. BeastWire’s solid construction will help you securely move valuable merchandise, tools, gear, and other assets without the need to replace the cart every other month.

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Product Brochure

BeastWire Storage Lockers provide flexible, onsite storage for tenants, employees, and military personnel. The wire mesh lockers allow visibility and circulation needed without compromising strength, as these units are built to last.

Wire Mesh Lockers - Material Specifications

Wire Mesh Lockers - Architectural Specifications

Wire Mesh Locker Installation Guide

Wire Mesh Locker Installation Guide

BeastWire Military Readiness Locker Installation Guide

BeastWire Military Readiness Locker Installation Guide

Wire Mesh Locker Components

Back & Ceiling Options

BeastWire Mesh storage lockers are available with both solid and wire mesh backs. Our standard 20-gauge galvanized sheet metal backs are punched to match the holes in our side wall panels. When sharing common side walls, “adder” units are provided a 3” wide splice plate that is used to bridge the extra distance that results from the direction the side wall panel is turned. Galvanized sheet metal backs grow the depth of the unit by 1/8” to 1/4" (where a splice plate is present).


BeastWire Mesh panels can also be used as a wire mesh back and connect the same way doors and wall panels do, using slotted perimeter angle. Note that this causes the unit to grow 1-1/2” in depth.


BeastWire Mesh panels can also be used to create a lid/top/ceiling above the storage locker. The same 1-1/2" 14-gauge perforated angle is used to connect the ceiling. Panels are often shared, meaning that they are used to cover multiple adjacent units, which will save you money on your project. Ceilings add 1-1/2” to the overall height.


Double Tier Locker with Solid Sheet Backs & Ceilings


Single Tier Locker with Solid Sheet Back



Double Tier Lockers with Solid Sheet Backs & Ceiling



Connection Angles


BeastWire uses a 1-1/2" 14-gauge angle punched to make a corner and ceiling connections between doors, side panels, and ceilings. This ensures that standard BeastWire Mesh panels can be used throughout the system.  Each adds a 1/8" growth to the unit width, and 1-1/2" of depth and height for each instance of use. 5/16" x 1' carriage bolts are provided for all connections. Please note that bolts are not required in every hole. We typically recommend 3-4 bolts connected in each direction, depending on the height of the panel.




Door Options


Standard hinge door panels are pre-hung - welded to hinges that are welded to an outer frame—for rapid assembly. Each door includes a pair of bolt-on padlock hasps. Standard doors are available in 3' and 4' widths, and 6' and 7’ heights. Single tier doors can be fitted with transom panels above.


Double tier doors are two separate, half height doors pre-hung in the outer form. This splits the units into two equal halves and is also available in standard 8’ heights.


Options: Doors are available in a variety of options including bi-parting, triple tier, and sliding. Each door comes with a padlock hasp.


Single-Tier Doors



Double Tier Doors



Triple Tier Doors


Panel Options


BeastWire Mesh panels are constructed of wire mesh or other steel infill material welded securely into a 1-1/4" x 1/8' thick angle frame. Panels come standard in one-foot increments up to 5' wide and 10' high. Panels are primarily used as the walls of enclosures, but also can be used as transoms above doors, backs, and ceiling panels to cover one or multiple lockers.


Standard BeastWire Mesh panels are constructed of 10-gauge wire welded in a 2" square mesh pattern. BeastWire Mesh Partitions are also available in heavy-duty 6-gauge welded wire mesh, 10-gauge woven mesh, expanded metal, and sheet metal infills.



Shelving & Hanging Options

Shelves are constructed similar to panels but come standard in 6-gauge welded wire mesh. One shelf is provided to divide the top and bottom units of our double tier lockers. BeastWire Mesh locker shelves are slightly undersized to fit inside the unit regardless of whether the locker is a 3-wall starter or 2-wall adder.


Shelves are typically installed using our standard locker flats which provide bolt through capability through the side wall panels and essentially “sandwich” the side wall between it and the locker shelf. Since these flats are independent of the panel, they can be used to install the shelf at any height.  Other hanging options are also available including our adjustable shelf clips.


Full and half depth shelves are available and can also be used to create a raised floor or base. Shelves are also available in solid sheet metal and other steel infill options upon request.


Optional: Steel tube rods are available for hanging clothing and other items.





Raised Flooring



Steel Rod for Hanging and Lockable Cabinet that mounts to top or bottom of a shelf.


Unit Size Options

BeastWire Mesh single tier lockers are available up to 10’ wide by 10’ deep, after which we usually recommend a BeastWire Mesh partition (or cage). Unit widths and depths are created used doors (up to 4’ wide) and panels (up to 5’ wide) bolted side-to-side. Once multiple panels are used to create a wall, the ceiling perimeter angle, or splice channel when ceilings aren’t present, create stability at the top of the unit.


Double tier or other stacked configurations such as triple tier are limited in size by the reach to the contents on its divider shelves. Therefore, these units are restricted to 3’ or 4’ standard widths (although other widths less than 4’ are available) and 1’ increments up to 5’ deep.


Single-Tier Doors



Double Tier Doors



Triple Tier Doors