Warehouse/ Distribution

According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health, forklifts injure workers every single day amounting to over 20,000 injuries annually in the US alone. Protect your warehouse or distribution centers with BeastWire Mesh partitions, driver’s cages, pallet rack safety systems vertical lift enclosures, and storage lockers. Our products secure, guard, and protect all movement of products within your facility.

BeastWire Mesh Partitions for Distribution

Wire mesh partitions create safety and security barriers to keep personnel from entering hazardous or unauthorized areas.

BeastWire machine guarding provides physical barriers that keep personnel or mobile equipment from coming in contact with conveyors and other costly equipment.

BeastWire security cages can be used to control inventory including high-cost/high-theft goods such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, wine/liquor, and jewelry, to name a few.

BeastWire Mesh partitions are used in conjunction with employee turnstiles to control access of personnel from entering a distribution facility.

BeastWire Drivers Cages

Drivers cages provide secure building access by preventing unauthorized personnel from entering your facility through an unlocked entrance such as in the dock area. These cages protect from injuries by preventing untrained or unaccompanied staff from accidentally wandering into a forklift path or other hazardous areas of your facility.

BeastWire drivers cages also protect your bottom line by keeping inventory, tools, and other assets from growing legs.

BeastWire Rack Safety

Another common reason for workplace injuries and fatalities is due to falling objects. Poorly positioned items can fall or accidentally pushed off a bay of pallet racking or vertical storage systems such as pick modules.

BeastWire Rack Safety Systems are designed to prevent products from falling from storage areas causing costly accidents and product damage. Brackets allow for varying offsets and systems can be designed to go above the uppermost bay, ensuring proper coverage and safety. Learn more about our industry changing (patent pending) Grrripper bracket and how it can save you time and money.

BeastWire Rack Safety Systems can also keep your company NFPA compliant by attaching our rack panels to the inside of back-to-back uprights. These panels keep the flue space open allowing flames to vent up rather than out creating a vertical rise helping to slow down the horizontal spread. Sprinklers can reach burning material without obstruction.

BeastWire Vertical Lift Enclosures

When vertical material lifts (also known as vertical reciprocating lifts, or “VRC”s) are used to move materials from one level to another, BeastWire interlocked barrier guards are a great solution. BeastWire VRC enclosures shall be designed and installed in ANSI Stanard B20.1 and equipped with integrated safety interlocks.

These interlocks are designed to prevent personnel from opening the gate or entering the lift area during operation or when the platform is not present. BeastWire’s flexible design also allows for the enclosure to extend from one level to the other if materials might fall or protrude from the carriage during movement.

BeastWire Storage Lockers

Wire mesh storage lockers are an excellent solution for warehouse and factory storage. The open mesh design of a BeastWire Mesh locker allows for quick visibility of shipping and other supplies to know when inventories are ready for restocking. Similarly, BeastWire Mesh employee lockers provide excellent visibility of what might be coming into (or out of) your facility without you otherwise knowing.

All BeastWire systems can be designed to fit your unique needs and applications. Contact our customer service department today.