Commercial/ Retail

BeastWire Mesh products can be found in almost all commercial and retail facilities. With its welded wire design, BeastWire is clean and visually appealing, allowing cages to be used on and off the commercial or retail sales floor.

As conveyors carry merchandise through commercial facilities, BeastWire RailGuard panels protect products from accidentally falling off causing injury to personnel, machinery or the products itself.

Using Infill panels in stairwells can restrict access to unauthorized people. They can also provide added protection for windows in facilities mitigating possible break-ins.

Wire Mesh storage lockers secure high-valuable products, smaller items that can walk-off, and even janitorial supplies. Likewise, BeastWire Inventory cages secure employee tools and equipment when not in use. We also offer Portable Storage Lockers if you need a mobile unit.

And, don’t forget securing the back entrance with BeastWire Drivers cages. These cages allow drivers to access the facility but keep them contained while waiting to drop-off or pick up a shipment.

Another security measure includes protecting your property outside the building or warehouse. Our wire mesh cages protects air conditioning units, and other utilities, from being damaged or stolen.

Keep in mind, all BeastWire mesh cages can be designed with a ceiling to provide full protection when needed. Additionally, we offer a wide range of lock options to provide maximum security.

All BeastWire applications can be designed to fit your unique needs and applications. Let our customer service department help create your next storage opportunity.