Condos/ Apartments

BeastWire cages and lockers provide excellent storage opportunities for multi-family residential settings like apartments and condominiums where space is limited. Using BeastWire lockers can turn unused basement space into secured storage for your tenants. For property managers, this can create a new stream of rental revenue. Welded wire lockers allow for proper flow of air, light, and heat without obstructing fire suppression systems.

BeastWire Lockers and Cages

Our single-tiered lockers allow residents to store sporting equipment like bikes, kayaks, camping gear or even out-of-season decorations. Our BeastWire double-tiered lockers are an excellent option when cubic space is at a premium and storage is needed for many tenants.

Larger wire mesh cages can be used to store golf carts and lawn equipment in the parking spaces of apartments or condos. Additionally, these cages are convenient for large shared storage spaces such as access-controlled bike rooms.

BeastWire wire mesh and expanded metal infill panels offer a low-cost alternative for architectural applications in parking garages.

Homeowners and BeastWire

Likewise, homeowners use BeastWire storage lockers to secure tools, guns, sporting equipment, sports memorabilia, and more. But, if you’re looking to securely store heavier items like ATV’s, boats, or motorcycles, our larger size cages can be customed to fit within your barn or garage.

All BeastWire lockers and cages can be designed to fit your unique needs and applications. Let our customer service department help create your next storage opportunity. Contact us for a quote immediately.