Construction/ Architectural

New Construction

BeastWire Mesh partitions provide safety and security throughout the many phases of new construction. Our wire mesh barriers offer a temporary and reconfigurable solution to prohibit pedestrians from entering restricted areas such as construction material storage, electrical control panels, tool storage, and HVAC units.

Temporary Fencing

Many contractors use BeastWire Mesh partitions as temporary fencing around construction sites and to secure valuable items. Unlike traditional fencing, BeastWire Mesh partitions and lockers are versatile in design. The panels easily break down when the project is completed and reconfigured for new job sites—saving you money.  

Portable Wire Mesh Storage Lockers

Portable wire mesh storage lockers, complete with casters or fork pockets, are a secure and efficient way to store tools and equipment overnight and move them quickly around the project site.

Let our customer service team help you with any new construction needs. For architects, let us show you the advantages or specifying BeastWire Mesh partitions and lockers in your next project. Contact us today.

BeastWire Architectural Specifications 

Wire Mesh Partitions 

SpaceGuard Products is a leading manufacturer of wire partitions and area guarding products including wire mesh storage lockers, pallet rack safety panels, aisle guarding, and mezzanine rail guarding.

Our wire mesh partitions are available in both standard and custom sizes, in woven and welded mesh, and are perfect for a wide array of uses including residential and office tenant storage, machine and robotic guarding, computer security cages in co-location and networking facilities, tool cribs, and warehouse or retail security.