Safety Task Force

About Me

Hey there! I’m the BEAST Agent, Willow Murphy. I am your leading authority for safety within the material handling industry.

I’m here to help you overcome some of the daily challenges you may face within our industry. And of course, I’m all things BeastWire Mesh! Got a warehouse safety problem—I have the perfect solution!

My Story

The BEAST Agency was launched in 2016. Prior to becoming my own boss, I worked as a Production Manager in the Material Handling division of W&C Warehouse. Being a young woman in a male-dominated industry, I was often underestimated. While most people might see that as an insult, I perceived it as the exact opposite. It challenged me to find my edge, to become a better leader, and to always be the most prepared person in the room.

My Mission

To Secure, Guard and Protect your People, Places and Products with BeastWire Mesh Guarding.

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