3 Ways to Build Safety into Your Warehouse

Picture this…

You walk into your warehouse, and it’s filled with pallet racks that go from floor to ceiling – from the front wall to the back wall. There are aisleways where forklift traffic is zipping back and forth. There are work cell areas built into the layout where employees are busy sorting and labeling. You also notice some high-value inventory that could afford to be protected, but you’ll worry about that tomorrow.

As usual, you head towards the back of the facility to find the person you’re looking for, but you get stopped along the way. Your shipping manager needs to tell you about some inventory that went missing and is nowhere to be found. You settle that predicament and keep walking. As you near the back of the facility, you watch one of your forklift drivers overestimate the rack landing and a pallet of boxes tumbles off the rack, barely missing another employee that was standing below.

Sound familiar?

Check out the top 3 easiest ways BeastWire Mesh can build safety into your warehouse:


1. BeastWire Mesh Rack Safety Panels

Wire mesh rack safety panels are a must-have in any warehouse or distribution facility. Our panels are constructed of 6- or 10-gauge wire welded in a 2” square mesh pattern and welded securely into a 1-1/4” x 1/8” thick full angle frame. The wire mesh allows for high visibility for inventory and is NFPA compliant, it won’t obstruct your sprinkler system. With the installation of BeastWire Mesh Rack Safety Panels, you can avoid pallets getting overestimated on the rack landings and often, damages to waterlines or other pipes that are mounted between pallet racks and exterior walls. When it comes to protecting your facility, you can relax because BeastWire meets the ANSI MH31.1-2019 standard which evaluates the strength and durability of steel mesh containment panels.

2. BeastWire Patented Grrripper Bracket

BeastWire Mesh Rack Safety panels attach to your existing uprights with either our patented Grrripper Bracket or the innovative L-shaped and Sleeve brackets. Our 3-, 6- and 12-inch brackets allow for offset adjustability, making product storage changes simple because you won’t need to buy new brackets. The Patented BeastWire Grrripper Bracket is the world’s first and only drop-in bracket. The pin drops into a tear-drop upright and won’t disengage from the rack upon impact when it’s installed correctly. The Grrripper Bracket saves time and money on the initial install.

3. BeastWire Mesh Doors

Still looking for an additional level of security for your warehouse? BeastWire Mesh pallet rack doors are great for the secured protection of high theft or combustible products on selective pallet rack. Our doors mount directly to the front of your uprights, as a cost-effective means to avoid purchasing independent doorposts. Most typically installed as bi-parting doors to cover beam lengths of 6’ to 12’ but can also be installed as single doors for smaller 4’ bays. All doors come equipped with a padlock hasp and can be installed in minutes.

If you’re tired of walking into your warehouse and getting pulled in twenty different directions because of safety concerns, let us help! Build safety into your warehouse design so that you can protect your employees, products and facility before an unfortunate accident happens.

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The Most Comprehensive Rack Safety Solution on the Market

Grrripper Bracket

Episode 13: Risk Assessments and Food Safety

This week’s interview discusses risk assessments and food safety with John Costello, President of Cherry’s Industrial Equipment. John explains how their industry has changed in the past 5-10 years, and what he expects, moving forward with things such as automation. We discuss what is involved in completing a risk assessment and when they’re necessary. Tune in to learn more about light curtains, stored energy, pinch points, and more. In the United States, it is still up to the purchaser, not the machine builder, to safely guard the equipment. John mentions that there has been a big push in recent years to get EHS managers involved in the purchases from the start.

During COVID, food safety has become a challenging task. John explains what businesses in packaged foods, bakery, meat processing, and frozen food industries are doing to keep food safe right now. He talks about how these companies are considering closed loop systems to keep their facilities as sanitary as possible and ways to increase productivity with fewer employees and increased social distancing. Listen in to hear about the challenges that John foresees his customers facing in the next 5-10 years with automation and robotics, labor shortages, and more. To conclude the interview, we discuss the different ways that Cherry’s Industrial Equipment is adapting to meet their customers’ future demands.

Listen to Episode 13 below:

  • Risk assessments and the process to complete them
  • Specific regulations to be aware of
  • Food safety challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Future challenges with automation, labor shortages and more
  • Ways to adapt to meet customer demands

John Costello

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Episode 12: Creating a Safer Work Environment

This week, Josh Smith, President at Wholesale Pallet Rack Products (WPRP), joins me to discuss how he has successfully created a safer work environment for his employees and customers throughout the past 6-8 months of the pandemic. Josh discusses changes that they’ve made to the office environment and the warehouse. A particular item we discuss is the BeastWire Mesh Driver’s Cage that he has installed in their warehouse. This has allowed them to increase their security measures and keep people from wandering through their facility. Listen to the interview to learn how everything is working out for WPRP and what feedback Josh has received from employees. One of the biggest difficulties through all of this has been creating a safe environment that could remain open 100% of the time. When will you know if what you’re doing for your organization is safe enough for your employees to feel comfortable at work again?

Listen to Episode 12 below:

  • Biggest safety concerns as a manufacture and wholesaler
  • How to create a handsfree facility
  • Receiving employee feedback and how to reward it
  • Determining when to allow visitors into your facility
  • Recognizing when your facility is safe enough

Josh Smith

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Episode 2: Data Center Facility Trends & Solutions

On Episode 2 I am joined by Hauris Lewis, Vice President of Emerging Markets with SpaceGuard Products. Hauris explains what a Data Center is and the different types of Data Center facilities that are common. We discuss why Wire Mesh Partitions are the perfect solution and what goes into choosing the best options to suit your needs. As more companies move towards online sales, the demand for increased server space is on the rise.

Listen to Episode 2 below:

  • Types of Wire Mesh Partitions commonly used in Data Centers
  • Security considerations that are a must
  • How the current situation with COVID-19 is affecting the industry

Hauris Lewis

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Episode 1: Protective Guarding Safety & Standards

To kick off our podcast I am joined by Ray Niemeyer, Director of Business Development with SpaceGuard Products. Ray is also the Vice Chair of the Protective Guarding Manufacturers Association (ProGMA) and discusses the latest ANSI standard that was recently announced at MODEX 2020. We discuss the benefits of protective guarding in the material handling industry, and how that initial investment can help keep your employees and products safe and secure.

Listen to Episode 1 below:

  • Current trends in Protective Guarding
  • New ANSI Standard MH31.1 Steel Mesh Containment Panels used in Pallet Rack and Vertical Storage Systems Applications: Performance and Testing Requirements
  • Financial benefits to installing Protective Guarding in your facility

Ray Niemeyer, SpaceGuard Products

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Need A Controlled Area For Damaged Products? BeastWire Has You Covered!


Do you need a quality control area to keep damaged items secure while it is waiting on an inspection? Then you are not alone.

One company had an issue where possible defective products were disappearing before they had an opportunity to inspected them and determine their functionality. As a result, they reached out to Smith Material Handling, who immediately called SpaceGuard Products.


Smith Material Handling has been selling BeastWire Product line for many years, and they know the versatility it offers. BeastWire Mesh cages come fully welded with standard 10-gauge or 6-gauge wire providing unrivaled strength and stability.

For this project, SpaceGuard customer service designed a two-sided wire mesh cage that was 12’8″ h x 20’6″ w with a 5’x7′ sliding door. It attached to the back wall of the facility and along an already existing cage providing a secure area to store products they did not want to “walk-off”.

Smith Material Handling installed the cage quickly and easily with the BeastWire universal panels and posts. These panels stack between universal posts for a secure and straightforward installation. And, for added protection, all the hardware bolts on the protected side of the cage—meaning it is tamper-proof and your valuables are safe inside.


After installing, the customer loved the quality of our BeastWire cage so much; they decided to replace an existing competitor’s cage with another BeastWire product. For us, that is as good as it gets.

Want to keep people out and protect your valuables? BeastWire Mesh has you covered!

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What’s New With Jushi!


Jushi, one of the largest fiberglass manufacturers in the world, recently opened an 800,000 sq. ft. plant in Columbia, South Carolina—likewise, one of the largest in the state. They have over five manufacturing plants in China, Egypt, and the United States. The U.S. headquarters is in Irwindale, California.

As a leading supplier of fiberglass reinforcements and reinforced plastics, Jushi manufacturers glass fibers and pellets. This light-weight material is then “used to make everything from car engines and windmills to jet skis, oil platforms, and broom handles.” (article written by Jeff Wilkinson, The State)


With over 400 employees and many machines and robots in use, Jushi needed to provide a high level of protection and security to avoid unnecessary workplace accidents while maintaining a pleasing aesthetic environment. But, with the size of the plant and the amount of machinery used, providing adequate protection and guarding for their people, faculty, and their property appeared daunting.

Automated transport systems, weaved throughout the plant, carried products and supplies to several locations. Aisle barriers were essential to keep personnel away from encountering the machinery, including around stationery robotic machinery as well.

Also, a primary concern for Jushi management included protecting heavy equipment being transported from one level to another on a mechanical vertical lift, or VRC’s.

Protective guarding around the VRC prevents objects or the material from falling off into aisleways or being damaged during transport. And, with the plant utilizing mezzanines to maximize space, they needed infill panels to prevent projectiles and other falling objects from exiting the elevated work platform.

Another major challenge included a quick turn-around on delivery and installation. The construction of the plant happened fast, and once the equipment was delivered, Jushi needed the protective panels delivered and installed immediately.


The solution was simple—BeastWire Mesh Partitions. Jushi reached out to KabTech, located in the Carolinas, to advise them on the best products to meet their challenges.

George Reno, with KabTech, contacted SpaceGuard Products for help. He knew that with BeastWire’s universal posts and panels and its clean, sleek look, BeastWire would exceed all of his customer’s expectations.
To maintain an aesthetic look throughout the facility, Jushi required that all panels meet a 4’ on center from post-to-post along the centerline.

For BeastWire, that wasn’t a problem. Our AisleGuard panels already came manufactured that way. Although the remainder of the panels would require a custom design, SpaceGuard was still able to meet the delivery demands of the project.

With tight delivery deadlines, loaded trucks left the SpaceGuard dock every week to two weeks for a few months. Then with BeastWire’s universal panels and posts, KabTech found installation a breeze.


When security and protection are of the highest importance, you can count on SpaceGuard Products to provide an exceptional product—BeastWire Mesh Partitions. We were able to help Jushi meet their physical requirements for aisle and mezzanine guarding while also providing superior customer service. Additionally, BeastWire offered the type of polished design Jushi management requested for the manufacturing plant.

“SpaceGuard has always been a top shelf supplier for us. I can always count on first rate assistance and product performance. All of the staff at SpaceGuard, from sales to shipping do there best to insure a quality product will arrive correct and on time.” —George Reno, KabTech

Download Printable PDF of “What’s New With Jushi!”


BeastWire Mesh RailGuard
BeastWire RailGuard at Jushi
BeastWire Robotic Guarding
BeastWire Machine Guarding and AisleGuard - Jushi
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Weapons Storage Meets National Security with BeastWire


When dealing with firearms, security is paramount. Safely stored weapons are under lock and key. However, for the men and women serving at the Berlin Vermont National Guard Armory, it is important for their arms to be readily accessible.

During a recent renovation, this concern was raised. Maintaining ample storage space for munitions was also a priority. Would there be a way to fulfill these seemingly conflicting goals? Yes – the BeastWire product addressed these issues and performed beyond expectations.


The Army National Guard of the United States must maintain preparedness for civil defense, disaster relief, and other vital duties. As part of this ongoing task, the Berlin Vermont National Guard Armory was recently renovated. The project focus was on updating aging equipment and increasing livability.

Berlin’s armory acts as a local office and gathering point for National Guard service members and staff. But, of course, the armory must also serve as storage for weapons and munitions. The proposed renovations were needed to address this crucial storage function.

In the interest of security, details about the quantity and type of arms stored at the Berlin Vermont National Guard Armory are restricted. But as you can imagine, any armory’s inventory of weapons would be considerable. Certain materials had been stored behind an aging wire mesh room partition.

An adequate replacement wire mesh partition room was needed. Beyond accommodating the armory’s space requirements, renovations to storage space also needed to be secure. Fittings would need to be robust, intrusion-resistant, and easily locked.


Partition Plus, a distributor of bathroom stalls, washroom accessories, Division 10 products, and room dividers was tasked, by the contractor conducting the renovations, with supplying a new wire mesh room partition that would address the above-mentioned needs.

Partition Plus staff turned to SpaceGuard and BeastWire to produce the required wire mesh partition. The distributor knew if any company could offer an affordable, strong mesh partition, it was SpaceGuard. This is especially true given BeastWire’s widespread reputation for securing firearms and ammunition in homes, at retail locations, and in police stations and military bases.

Shortly after the initial request, SpaceGuard provided plans for a custom wire mesh partition to create the Berlin Vermont National Guard Armory weapons vault. The contractor and customer approved the design and within days of the order, the components were arriving at the National Guard Armory job site.


SpaceGuard delivered on the expectations for the wire mesh partition room, allowing the contractor to remain on schedule and within budget. The Berlin Vermont National Guard Armory was very pleased with the security and usability of the new weapons storage solution.

Partition Plus now advertises BeastWire on their online store and is happy to quote any wire mesh room partition project.

*Case Study submitted by Partition Plus.

“I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else for a wire mesh project. It was quick, easy, and the customer loved it. What more could you ask for?”
—Bill Milam, of the Online Sales Team at Partition Plus

Download Printable PDF of “Weapons Storage Meets National Security with BeastWire”


BeastWire Mesh Caging
BeastWire Mesh Caging
BeastWire Mesh Caging
BeastWire Mesh Caging
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Lites! Camera! Action!


Have you ever been to a concert or a theatre performance and were completely mesmerized by the light show? If you have, then Christie Lites most likely was responsible.

With locations in the UK, Canada, and the United States, Christie Lites Rental Network provides stage lighting services and technical expertise to in industries such as theatre, concerts, special events, tv and film, tradeshows, and corporate gatherings.

Recently, in their Orlando, Florida location, they needed a secure storage area that protected high valuable lighting parts before being added into their retail inventory. They required a system that would include multiple gate openings for forklifts while still providing the ability to control stock and maintain accurate product counts.


With a high-volume location in Orlando, Florida, Christie Lites needed a secure storage area to manage inventory entering the building. They wanted a modular design that provided easy installation and allowed for air flow while maintaining inventory security.

The wire mesh caging was intended to provide a flexible quarantined staging area for inbound receiving of high-valued inventory, which included checking for product count accuracy and labeling before placement in their retail stock.

It was also essential to work with a solution provider, who if needed, could provide a quick turn-around on any additional caging materials due to reconfigurations during the installation process. The provider needed to be flexible with appropriate inventory on hand in order to ship the new product quickly.


The solution was simple—BeastWire Mesh Partitions. With its universal posts, panels, and simplified hardware, BeastWire was easy to install without compromising the integrity of the caging system which secures the products. The partitions, constructed of steel mesh, allowed for unobstructed views and circulation of light and air while still maintaining its structural purpose.

BeastWire’s flexible design allowed Christie Lites to arrange the panels and posts as needed to achieve the desired heights and widths. Using growth plates, they were able to maximize the use of standard panels and post to easily integrate various size openings—allowing for multiple gate locations wide enough for forklift traffic.


When security and protection are of the highest importance, you can count on SpaceGuard Products to provide an exceptional product—BeastWire Mesh Partitions. We were able to help Christie Lites by meeting their physical requirements for security caging while also providing superior customer service. We did this by ensuring a quick turn-around time on the shipment of new material due to onsite design changes after the initial delivery.

“We were extremely very satisfied with the turn-around time we received from SpaceGuard Products on additional wire mesh parts that we needed due to design changes on our part.” —Dan Souwand, VP Equipment, Systems and Warehousing, Christie Lites

Download Printable PDF of “Lites! Camera! Action!”


Christie Lites Caging Project
BeastWire Mesh Partitions
BeastWire Mesh Panels for Christie Lites
Christie Lites Caging Project
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